Santa Cruz Bicycles - Nomad V3 2017

V10 handling at Syndicate speeds

You're on the hunt for information about a previous model of the Nomad, and we're in the process of updating that information. In the meantime...




Key Features:

  • Wheel size: 27.5"
  • Rear travel: 165mm

Santa Cruz Nomad - Executive Producer's Cut

Geometry & Sizing

Rollover table below to highlight frame dimensions.

All measurements reflect installation of a fork with a 554.1mm axle-to-crown height.

Head Tube Angle65°65°65°65°65°65°65°65°
Seat Tube Length393.7mm15.5"419.1mm16.5"457.2mm18"495.3mm19.5"
Front Center
BB Height340mm13.39"340mm13.39"340mm13.39"340mm13.39"
BB Drop
Chainstay Length433.1mm17.05"433.1mm17.05"433.1mm17.05"433.1mm17.05"
Head Tube Length90mm3.54"100mm3.94"110mm4.33"120mm4.72"
Top Tube Length558.8mm22"584.2mm23"609.6mm24"635mm25"
Seat Tube Angle74.2°74.2°74.2°74.2°74.2°74.2°74.2°74.2°
Standover Height726.5mm28.6"725mm28.54"731.9mm28.81"742.6mm29.24"
Eye to Eye Length

Frame Sizing

5'0"152 — 5'5"165cm
5'5"165 — 5'10"178cm
5'10"178 — 6'2"188cm
6'2"188 — 6'6"198cm

Tech Support

Can I mount a front derailleur?

No, this bike is not compatible with a front derailleur.  Single ring only!

What is the torque spec for the seat collar?

We don't provide a torque spec for the seatpost, because it really depends on what seatpost you are using. Some seatposts are slippery, and require more torque to stay put, and others are very thin- and can be crushed by overzealous tightening. Some are both slippery and thin... Make sure you use the Carbon Assembly Compound included with your frame, and use some common sense.

You will not damage your frame by overtightening the seat collar, assuming you have a 31.6 seatpost in there.

What size bottom bracket shell does this bike use?

We use a standard 73mm threaded BB. Nearly any crank on the market (besides BB30 cranks) will fit.

What size rear hub do I need?

This bike uses a 142x12 through-axle rear hub, and includes a DT RWS axle.

What size seat collar do I need?

The Nomad requires a 36.4mm seat collar to lock in your 31.6mm seatpost. 

What size seatpost do I need?

This bike uses a 31.6mm seatpost.  Always ensure it is inserted into the frame a minimum of 4" (100mm).

What size shock does it use?

This bike uses a 216x63mm shock with 22x8mm eyelet hardware (21.8mm x 8mm for SRAM). Please do not use any other shock size or modify with eccentric shock bushings- this can cause damage or clearance issues with the frame.