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Factory Racing Gets Boggsed!

Podiums thick with Santa Cruz family

This past weekend, Santa Cruz Factory Racing once again found itself loading up vans, sleeping in the woods, and battling for a spot on the podium. This time they stared down the 10th Annual Boggs 8-hour race; a mess of single track in Middleton, CA filled with bugs, dust, and exhausting climbs. With promises of six-packs for podium finishes, everyone stepped up to the challenge and were rewarded with medals around their necks and bottles in their hands.

Patrick Rosso
Cory Cuisinot proving that style and podiums aren't mutually exclusive

Kyle Harder and Cory Cuisinot proved that, every once in a while, youth does trump experience, and came out of nowhere on their Highballs to take second in the Men's Two Person Single Speed category. Despite one-speed racing being a very new “thing” for the young riders, they threw down on Saturday, keeping each other pumped during transitions and matching each other's times on the roughly 10-mile course, all while drifting corners, charging hills, and boosting lips. “It [the race] made me want to cry a little,” explained Cory, as he downed a much-deserved Coors after the race. “It was fun though. It was a different kind of race than I was used to and overall a cool experience.” Kyle and Cory had company on the podium, with Joe Doty from Engineering and friend of the factory, Alex Donoghue, taking third in the Men's Two Person Single Speed category. The two gave it everything they had, but a series of mechanicals cost them a significant amount of time, keeping them out from the top two spots.

Patrick Rosso
Joe Doty's sneaky smile

Although the single speeders in the factory like to strut their stuff, it was "Team Scrapin" that showed were the brawn really is. Scott Chapin, who can be found most days driving...or drifting, a forklift in the Santa Cruz Bicycles' warehouse, took second in the Coed Two Person Team category with his girlfriend, and Juliana Ambassador, Amanda Schaper.

Though the result is impressive, it doesn't compare to the journey. Early in the race Amanda crashed hard, and ended up dazed on the side of the course, with a broken bike and a concerned medical official. Although Amanda was down, "Team Scrapin," was not out.

Patrick Rosso
Race face

With red dust caked around his eyes and blood pouring from his knee, Scott and his Highball 29er rallied, completing five laps and posting one of the fastest lap times of the day. Despite their injuries, both racers made it to the podium at the end of the night to collect their six-pack.
Patrick Rosso
Scott Chapin looks for a recovery beer

The Boggs 8-Hour, which is in its tenth year and hosts over 500 competitors, is a favorite among Santa Cruz Factory Racing. In addition to Kyle, Cory, Joe, and Scott, Don Palermini from marketing, his rippin' wife Stacy and a friend of the factory, took fifth in the Coed Three Person Team category, and Warranty master Willie Bullion and his shop mate Brian Garcia took 23rd in the Men's Two Person Team category.

Patrick Rosso
Six-packs, bottles of wine, and medals for Factory Racers on the single-speed podium 


Patrick Rosso
Team Scrapin celebrates making it through the race and second place in the super-competitive Coed Two-Person category


Patrick Rosso
Don Palermini brought a howitzer to a knife fight, but rode his Nomad to a 5th place finish in the Coed 3-Person Team race


Patrick Rosso
Sometimes, deep in the woods, you'll hear the Call of the WIllie. 

As always, a special thanks to Verve Coffee Roasters and El Salchichero for keeping our racers fed and caffeinated!

May 05 — 2015 | Santa Cruz, CA | News

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