Santa Cruz Crew Heads to Port Angeles for Pro GRT

April 27 — 2015 | Port Angeles, WA

MacKinnon finishes 9th, Factory Racing well-represented

Santa Cruz Free Agents, factory racers, and friends formed a fun team in the great northwest for the opener of the Northwest Cup and Pro GRT Series. Sports Marketing Manager Allan Cooke, Marketing Tech and Free Agent Kiran MacKinnon, Bo MacArthur from Wheel Assembly, and fellow Santa Cruz racers Evan Turpin and Sean Bell were treated to a dry race track which wound through the dense pine forest set against the snowy peaks of Port Angeles, Washington.

With the feel of a grassroots race, there were 627 racers competing with a field filled with world cup racers and mega-fast junior expert boys. Hard-charging Connor Ferron won both qualifiers and the race with a track record 2:19.34 in the final. Charlie Harrison won Cat 1 0-18 category with a 2:24.21, which would have been 11th place in the Elite Men!

Santa Cruz was well-represented at the first stop of the Pro GRT in Port Angeles, WA

Allan did a lot of multi-tasking and was definitely first place in the BBQ division! Serving up burgers and oysters between practice runs and racing, he was the crowd favorite as he called one and all to come over for a free lunch at the Santa Cruz pits. In between his grill mastery and pit running, he placed 59th in Elite Men with a time of 2:32.78! Evan was just behind him in 62nd place at 2:33.10. Kiran was the standout of the Santa Cruz crew, finishing 9th with a smoking time of 2:23.52. Bo , at 90th, just missed the cut for the finals as they cut the field to the top 80.

Sean had his first true downhill race on his new V10 and had a blast. Placing 20th in the final out of 59 in Cat 1 0-18 was a good first go, but leaves him hungry to improve. As he put it, “It was good to see what kind of competition I'm up against. It definitely makes me more motivated to train harder so I can one day be at the top of the box!

Multi-tasking champion of the world, Allan Cooke, kept food rolling out of the pits all weekend, and still managed to finish 59th in the Elite Men's field. 


Kiran MacKinnon flying on his way to 9th overall. 


Sean Bell putting his new V10 to good use



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