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2019 Santa Cruz NZ Enduro Video and Photo Recap

March 20 — 2019 | New Zealand

As the 2019 racing season begins to unfold racers are frothing to get back between the tape. The Santa Cruz NZ Enduro took place a couple of weeks ago as we awaited our new brawler of a race machine to be birthed into the world.

After almost three months of no rain and sunny weather racers and campers woke up to rivers raging through their tents as well as the trails they'd be racing on over the course of the weekend. At the heart of this event are two near and dear people to the Santa Cruz family, Sven and Anka Martin. Check out the footage and photos below from Sven and Gary Perkin. 


Cheers to three days of blind enduro racing in out in the wild. 

Day One: Whites Bay

Foggy windows and foggy goggles to start the three-day rip through NZ. So began day one.
Matchy, matchy for Peaty. First official race day for the new Megatower. 
Mystical forest riding out in the wilds.

Day 2: Nydia's Track

After all the mud, blood, and sweat, sometimes a bubble machine and a mask make all the difference when your world is a slip 'n slide.

Wet rocks and roots kept everyone on their toes as they navigated the techy stages. 

Day 3

Mark Scott finding his flow in downright choppy conditions. Mark raced a new Megatower ahead of launch and (mostly) achieved stealth mode in the process.

Steve Peat with one of the cleaner lines over the creek gap crossing.

Check out Anka Martin's story about the making of the NZ Enduro and see other races on the Santa Cruz Events Page.

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