Enduro World Series 2019 - Round 7 - Northstar

August 26 — 2019 | Northstar, CA

Days later, and the dust will still be settling on the Northstar track where the Santa Cruz X SRAM Enduro Team and Mitch Ropelato took on the seventh round of the Enduro World Series. The five stages were packed with high alpine boulders, drops, and roots covered with layer upon layer of slippery dust making it one of the tightest races of the season. At the end of the day, Mitch Ropelato took home 3rd, Iago Garay in 23rd, and Mark Scott didn't manage to get his papers approved to enter the United States. 

Better border luck in Zermatt, Mark. 


Big boulders, big air.

Escaping the dust. 


Mitch slid into third with a champagne shower. 

The team took it south of the border for their race fuel. 

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