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Singletrack6 2018

August 01 — 2018 | British Columbia

** UPDATED: Final team results below **

It's that time of year where the long winter of training and race preparation is rewarded with the sweet pain of getting to the finish line. Multi-day races stack up the rewards as racers face repeated efforts day after day. The Singletrack6 is an internationally attended six day XC marathon race held on BC singletrack that's so good it brings a single, salty tear to your eye when you know the day's riding is done. Stages one, two and three (the Santa Cruz stage) cover terrain in Golden, stage four crosses through Revelstoke, stage five Vernon, and stage six caps the whole deal off with a party at Silverstar Mountain Resort.

A truckload of Santa Cruz athletes are challenging for various podiums this year, and our all-star locals Tyler Maine and Matt Morrish are keeping the riders cool and the proceeding hot. We're well past the halfway point—tomorrow is the final day of riding—and there are already new Blurs and Joplins all over the podiums. Scroll down for a rundown of Santa Cruz and Juliana riders race results so far.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - En Route to Revelstoke - Singeltrack6
Max Schumann

The mind-melting awesome starts well before you reach Revy.


Final Results...

  • Alex "Krunkshox" McGuinnis finished in fourth place after challenging for the lead since day one. A broken chain on day three slowed him down but that's only temporary. At the end of 2017's race he said he'd come back and "crush these fools", so he delivered on that threat.
  • After vowing to 'turn on the jets' for the final leg, our Canadian U23 racer, Carter Nieuwestegg, did not disappoint moving up from 8th to 6th overall in the Open Elite category. 
  • Whistler native, enduro racer, and all-round nice guy Chris Johnston finished 11th place. His newfound dad strength kicked in through (his wife, Jenner, recently gave birth to their second child) the timed downhill placing in the top places every day!
  • In the women's race Juliana Bicycles' ambassador Mical Dyck showed up to crush (and rocking a brand new kit). She's been hitting each and every split hard and consistently (follow her stories here). She finished strong in 3rd place with a 2nd place descent!
  • Santa Cruz designer and illustrator Campbell Steers dove into the deep end of technical BC "cross country" this year. With 'cross season on the horizon, Campbell rolled into ST6 with race-fueled fire in her belly and a new Joplin in hand. She held that 8th place she fought for in Stage 5 and finished 8th overall. 
  • Max Schumann is partnering with German Bike Magazine journalist Peter Nilges and those two led the Mens Duo category by a large margin and got a strong First overall. Ruthless efficiency, supreme bike handling skills and good teamwork between the two. 
  • Travis Hauck rocked the Solo 40+ Men's division taking 3rd place.

Teams aren't just hunting for results, though. After each day they're building the stoke for the rest of the participants, handing out beers (and La Croixs), swimming and even getting some evening shuttle laps on the areas classic trails. The riders roll into Silverstar on Thursday to celebrate the final day of riding. It's bound to be a good time and we'll have the final results (updated above) after the dust settles.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Travel Snacks - Singletrack6
Max Schumann

Maple syrup pit-stop snacks. #CAN-A-DA

Chris Johnston and Max Schumann couldn't help but sneak in some riding before arriving at check in.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Chris Johnston and Campbell Steers at Singletrack6
Max Schumann

Chris Johnston and Campbell Steers comin' atcha.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Signing in Before Singletrack6
Max Schumann

Buy the ticket, take the ride. ST6 streches across Golden, Revelstoke, Vernon, and onto Silverstar Resort, and it's a new course every year. 


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Line'em Up for Singletrack6 Start
Max Schumann

XC shred weapons to rowdy trail bikes just itchin' to go.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - The New Blur - Singletrack6
Max Schumann

Full gas, 24/7.

Race faces, L to R: Mical Dyck, Travis Hauck and Tyler Maine (our man on the ground in Canadiashire).


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Hardware - Singletrack6
Max Schumann

Your reward for 3-4 hours of saddle time on ripping singletrack each day.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Podium at Singletrack6
Max Schumann

Max Schumann and Peter Nilges (Bike Magazine Germany) lead the male duo by 50 minutes after just day two.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - And More Smiles from the Team - Singletrack6
Max Schumann


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Paincaves at Singletrack6
Max Schumann

Boosters engaged after the aid station.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Grinding Out the Miles at Singletrack6
Max Schumann

After two days of strong, fast riding, Juliana's Mical Dyck was sitting in 3rd.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Quiet Moments Between Stages at Singletrack6
Max Schumann

The calm between the daily singletrack storm.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Santa Cruz Own Campbell Steers - Singletrack6
Max Schumann

Game face for Santa Cruz' own Campbell Steers. After day two she had rallied to 7th place.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Podium at Singletrack6
Max Schumann

Ain't no party like a podium party.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - More Podium Party - Singletrack6
Max Schumann

Alex "Krunkshox" McGuinnis won day two, putting him into second place overall.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Chris Johnston and His New Blur at Singletrack6
Max Schumann

With hardware like that, who needs a haircut?


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Day Three Start at Singletrack6
Max Schumann

Day three start. Clocking in!


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Race Nutrition at Singletrack 6 in Canada
Max Schumann



Santa Cruz Bicycles - Juliana Bicycles Mical Dyck at Singletrack6 2018
Max Schumann

Juliana Bicycles' Mical Dyck put down the second-fastest stage 1 and 2 times on the Santa Cruz stage (day three).

Race with your friends and party with your pals. See you at Silverstar.

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