2018 Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico: Day 5

February 19 — 2018 | Chile

The final dispatch of Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico 2018 from Gary Perkin.

How do you summarize the Andes-Pacifico to someone who hasn’t ridden it? The terrain is brutal, the anti-grip takes ages to get your head around, the days are long, the hike-a-bikes relentless and the temperatures will burn Northern Hemisphere winter skin in a heartbeat.

Sounds like hell, right? Wrong, it's an event that proves to you just how tough your body is and how far and how high your bike can take you. You come out of the five days with a sense of achievement second to none. You forge a bond with your fellow competitors; the people who you just met on the shuttle to the first day's camp at Antawaya. And you love your bike just that little bit more.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Trail Clearing Tools at Andes Pacifico Enduro 2018
Gary Perkin

Best to be prepared when you're rolling through the thick of things.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Mark Scott and Josh Bryceland Hanging Out with the Fans at Andes Pacifico
Gary Perkin

Fans on fans on fans for Mark and Rat.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Juliana Bicycles Team Rider Jaime Hill at Andes Pacifico Enduro 2018
Gary Perkin

Juliana Bicycles Jaime Hill making short work of the gully on her way to 3rd in the overall.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - The Grub Spot at Andes Pacifico Enduro Race 2018
Gary Perkin

Fuel for the fire on the final day of racing.


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Men's Podium at Andes Pacifico 2018
Gary Perkin

Men's podium. Who's got the tap?


Santa Cruz Bicycles - The Women's Podium at Andes Pacifico 2018
Gary Perkin

When the bruises fade and the aches and pains subside these are the days we’ll remember ... the 2018 Andes-Pacifico delivered memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks so much to the organizers at Montenbaik for constantly going that extra mile year after year and solidifying the race’s already stellar reputation. So if the opening description didn’t put you off make a plan to get down to Chile next February and have the experience of a lifetime!


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Portrait of Santa Cruz X SRAM Enduro Team Rider Mark Scott at Andes Pacifico
Gary Perkin

Mark Scott
"Yeah it’s been unreal .. just highlights all week. The Andes-Pacifico guys do an amazing job. We’re in the middle of nowhere some days and then we finishing here near the beach is cool. Jesse and Pedro were riding flat out all week so I had my work cut out. I rode really consistently all week, just not at the sharp end ... but coming away with 3rd is sweet."


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Santa Cruz X SRAM Enduro Team Rider Iago Garay at Andes Pacifico
Gary Perkin

Iago Garay
"It’s been a great week ... the Andes-Pacifico just keeps getting and better. I had a sick time. I feel this 5th place counts a bit more than previous results as the competition was so tough."

Josh Bryceland
"Unbelievable event man, they structured it perfectly with a really, chilled day to ease us in and then a couple of massive days and then a real rewarding day today to end it all. Fun tracks and ending here near the beach. Would I do another one. F*ck yeah!"


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Santa Cruz X SRAM Team Manager Allan Cooke at Andes Pacifico 2018
Gary Perkin

Allan Cooke
"Amazing days as always. This year we had some of the best hikes and transfers ever. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been coming out here the traction or lack thereof always surprises me. Day two was a quick reminder of that with five crashes and a few off-track excursions. Good times with the boys, great times making new friends! We’ll be back no doubt."


Santa Cruz Bicycles - Mark Scott on the Podium at Andes Pacifico 2018
Gary Perkin

Until next year. See you there!

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