2018 Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico: Day 2

February 15 — 2018 | Chile

The second of a series of Andes Pacifico race dispatches from our man on the ground Gary Perkin.

Day two in the books—and what a day!

Five stages, an hour long hike a bike to start the day, 3000+ meters of descending across those stages, a two hour shuttle in the valley of the condors, and a camp move at the end of it all.

The hunt for traction.

It was a day that took its toll on bikes and bodies. Some competitors were nursing home their equipment and others were seeking medical advice after a multitude of crashes throughout the day. Our own "do-er of thangs" Allan Cooke had a high-speed low-side when the earth just could hold onto him any more, but as he says, he got away with it.

The length of the day two and the heat compounded the end-of-the-day crashes. Our Trans-Cascadia friends Tommy and Nick Gibson ended up taking each other out on the liaison just after the end of the last stage amidst a lost in translation moment with a keen spectator!

At the end of day two, Rat Boy is sitting in third.

Morning rituals for Mark Scott at the group camp. Mark finished second on the day.

Strega! Strega! Strega!

Mark Scott

"A good day, yeah, a pretty smooth one I think. As far as I can remember it’s been pretty smooth - we rode so many trails today - it’s really good. I eased up a bit and got into the flow a bit more and gained some time back on the leaders. Should be a good week, looking forward to it."

The ongoing battle for shade... and snacks.

Josh Bryceland

"Yeah, got a bit keen after seeing where I sat after Day 1. Got half way into the first stage really nice and just as I was giving myself a mental pat on the back it all went well wrong! So I had to reign it in a bit, then it felt like I had nice smooth day after that. I just tried to link things up and carry speed. It’s extremely physical  and extremely rewarding - it’s all elements it’s gnarly."

Iago Garay

"More of the same - just trying to find a good pace. I had an unfortunate crash in the first stage and dropped my speaker - I was very sad for a long time after that! But then I heard the race doctor Nico Thumm found it - in pieces. But I got it back together and it’s working again  - so dont worry everybody it’s okay we’ll have beats on the liaisons! The rest of the day I just enjoyed the fun tracks, I had a bit of an awkward one at last stage of the day a but overall it was a good one."

Teamwork to clean up the day's damage.

Juliana Bicycles team rider Jaime Hill joined the fun this year.

Ride, rest, ride, rest.

Day Three looms large on the horizon. There's a completely new zone and the prospect of more descending than Day Two—and an even bigger hike-a-bike liaison to get to some of the longest stages of this year’s race!


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