World Cup 2017 - Val di Sole

August 28 — 2017 | Italy

Despite ever-darkening skies, the final World Cup of the year managed to avoid the fate that befell the opener in Lourdes, and the track stayed dry all the way through finals. Despite wrapping himself (and his frame) around a post in practice, Greg jumped on a freshly-built V10 and qualified second. Loris and Luca were hot on his heels in 5th and 7th, respectively. Excitement and tesnion built through the finals, with Luca and Loris both laying down solid, fast runs (featuring an unreal save from Loris!), until Greg rolled into the start hut. 

Splits were green right up until Greg punctured—he managed to ride most of the rest of the track with his tire (and some course tape) flapping in the breeze, making sure that he finished in case Aaron Gwin had a mechanical. In the end, Gwin laid down an absurdly fast run, taking the win and sealing the overall. 

Val Di Sole results:
Loris Vergier: 4th
Luca Shaw: 8th
Greg Minnaar: 78th

2017 World Cup Results:
Greg Minnaar: 3rd
Loris Vergier: 5th
Luca Shaw: 13th

All three riders finished in the top 20, so they'll start 2018 protected. Congratulations to all on a fantastic 2017 season, and on to Cairns!

A young gun, the old dog, and the GOAT out for a stroll.

Eye of the Tiger is Jason Marsh building Greg Minnaar a completely new race bike in 45 minutes. 

Finding airtime to smooth the track.

Even smoother.

Loris finding lines in practice. 

Luca scrubbing his way to a top-10 finish.

You made it, bru.

Making time for the next generation.

Overall standings for the season: Greg 3rd, Loris 5th, and Luca 13th.

The #1 World Cup team for the season (and Sven). 

All eyes on Cairns.

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