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NZ Enduro 2017 - Day 2

Gary Perkin

Jamie Nicoll deep in the forest at Nydia Bay

Gary Perkin's on the ground in New Zealand covering the 2017 NZ Enduro for us. Check out the stories and photos below, and also watch our Instagram account for Iago Garay's takeover of Instagram Stories, which gives you a look at what the race looks like from the inside
What a day! When I heard the rain coming down around midnight last night I feared for the worst for the Nydia Bay stages of the NZ Enduro. Having ridden them in the dry a few years ago I was worried the combination of wet roots, slippery rocks and constant bench cut trail would result in a near impossible series of trails - and trials - today.

But the constant rain actually made stages 2 and 3 better than I remembered in the dry ... it was such a blast to ride. Scary, for sure, but with a stupid wide, mud soaked grin on your face for making it out of there relatively unscathed. 

Gary Perkin

Josh Bryceland loving the tracks in NZ: "Big day on the bike, feeling rather beat! Highlight of the day was when Mark came past me for fifth on the back wheel!"

Then the pièce de résistance was stage 4 which had about 10 turns in it but made you feel like a hero at the end of a day of wrestling roots and slime covered rocks. 

Gary Perkin

Mark Scott keeping it cool and consistent in the wet and slippery. Iago took some pride in being the only Santa Cruz rider Mark didn't catch today, saying, "I had a sick day ... the first two stages were a bit sketchy but by the third stage I was getting into it and i had a lot of fun. I was the only one on the team who wasn't caught by Mark - so pretty stoked on that! I'll take that as a win!"

Tomorrow we head to Wakamarina for more rooty goodness - but this time instead of traversing bench cut trails we'll be switchbacking our way through the ferns for the final day of the 2017 NZ Enduro.

Gary Perkin

March 11 — 2017 | News

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