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2017 Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico - Day 4

Iago Garay and Mark Scott of the Santa Cruz-SRAM Enduro Team, along with Free Agent Cedric Gracia, headed down to Chile to take on the infamous 'anti-grip' dirt of the high Andes. As usual, Gary Perkin's on the scene to capture the high highs and the still-pretty-high lows of the race. Read on for Gary's latest dispatch, and check back tomorrow to see how it all shook out.

Gary Perkin

Iago Garay getting through it: "Not a great day ... but not a bad day. I had stomach issues in the morning and just felt flat all day. And I really felt it with all the pedaling stages. Then I crashed and got a bit of a swellbow which didn't help. But the stages were fun!"

After the massive wild fires in the south of Chile the Montenbaik race organizers had to make some drastic last minute changes to the route. Despite the rushed nature of finding two more full days of racing and a camp for the 200-ish riders and staff they pulled the rabbit the out of the hat! 

The stages on Day 4 were so different and varied compared to previous days with slower paced tech sections, forested goodness, and surprisingly grippy dust! Some parts reminded me of the Divides in Downieville and even some parts of Trans-Provence.

Gary Perkin

Mark Scott doing what he can to make up time: "A flat on the last stage was a bummer, but I didn't lose too much time as it was close to the finish. No idea where I ended up on the day, but it's all to play for tomorrow in the race to the beach."

The stages themselves were also a bit more pedally than the gravity fests of the Andes, and that sorted the fit from the struggling.

Day 5 is all about the race to the beach and a well earned Pisco or three! 

Gary Perkin

Vamos a la Playa! 


February 11 — 2017 | News

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