EWS 2017 - Round 5 - Millau

July 03 — 2017

It's halfway through the season and the mud and rain has become a way of life on the EWS this season. It started with Rotorua and it kept on straight through to Millau. At the beginning of the week things looked ominous but not too bad—and later in the stages the sky opened up and it was right back to the usual.

Early technical stages were mixed with super physical rolling terrain intermixed with rock gardens, small downhills, and flat finishes. This is the kind of riding that the guys are used to and even have a ton of fun with. Its obvious that they're pushing day in and day out—unfortunately despite their best efforts this was just a tough one. Day one saw two 15 stage finishes for Mark (34th for the weekend) and Josh Lewis's strongest stage of the seven, while Iago would end day two with his fastest stage of the weekend.

The guys are packing up and heading stateside for round six. We're all crossing our fingers that the weather won't follow us to Aspen. Time to hit the road.

Any idea why we call loose... loose?

No shoes, no shirts—you still get service.

Max Schumann flew in to join the crew for the weekend.

Looks rocky on top but it's really just a skating rink underneath.

This was one of the drier sections of of the stage.

No reprieve.

Sometimes the safest option was just to punch it.

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