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Gutsy Solo Flier Keeps Chapin’s Podium Streak Alive

Despite a late start to his cyclocross season after a summer full of enduro racing, Scott Chapin made his third podium appearance in as many attempts last weekend. On a fast course that snaked under the lights of San Jose’s Lake Cunningham Park Scott rode a calculated race to cross the line second at The Bay Area Super Prestige Series’ annual night race.

David Smith

“It was rad.” Said Scott, “The course was a little bit boring just to ride, but it made for really fun tactical racing. I always tell people to bring lights to night races, and of course I forgot mine this time.”

Scott toed the line in the Men’s A race with 40 of the Bay Area’s best ‘crossers including his Factory Racing teammates Justin Robinson, Chris Seymour, and Alex and Zach Wick. His third-row start made for some hectic opening laps, but Scott battled his way through the maelstrom and joined Justin in the lead group of four during his second pass through the start-finish.

David Smith

With four laps to go, Scott attacked the lead group at the most technical section of the course. After his best Greg Minnaar impression on the course’s only descent—sprinting two sand sections, and pinning the ensuing hill—he held a 15 second advantage over Justin and the other two remaining leaders.

“Being off the front on a flier is the best place you can be in a ‘cross race,” Chapin said of his final move to the front, “even if you don’t end up winning it’s a great feeling to be at the front with a chance.”

David Smith

Happy for the free ride with his teammate up ahead, Justin sat behind the other two race leaders as they worked to catch Scott. Disaster struck, however, when Robinson’s rear wheel got tangled with a plastic bag and he was forced to run half a lap to his spare Stigmata, effectively ending his race.

David Smith

David Smith

With one lap to go, one of the lead chasers clawed his way ahead to Scott. After selling out for his solo flier, the mustachioed-warehouse man had cashed all of his checks and couldn’t match his competitor’s last lap accelerations. He rolled across the line in second place, happy with his effort, and looking forward to the rest of the season.

“It’s great to get back to Cross season.” Chapin said following the race, “I always look forward to rubbing shoulders and fighting for turns.” Something he doesn’t get very much of while racing enduro during the summer.

As the season rolls on Scott looks to keep up the good results and put in a strong performance at the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships (SSCXWC) in December, and most importantly he’s looking to keep smiling. “I always want to do well, but my main focus is having fun on bikes.”

Zach Wick

November 09 — 2016 | News

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