Enduro World Series 2016 - Round 1, Corral, Chile

March 28 — 2016

Enduro race season is finally here! After a long winter of base miles and equipment tweaking, we headed to Chile with Mark Scott and Iago Garay of the newly-formed Santa Cruz-SRAM Enduro Team, and met up with Free Agent Cedric Gracia once we were on the ground.  

 It was a solid first outing for the fellows, with Mark finishing 18th, Iago 28th, and CG in 38th. Click here for full results, and scroll down for soem exclusive photos, courtesy of Sven Martin. 

Josh 'Loosedog' Lewis styles his way through the switchbacks in practice.

Team Manager, Allan Cooke, takes a little different path

Mark Scott whips through the shooting gallery

With views like this, CG sliding through a turn is icing on the cake

GoPro course footage, or Sail Cat?

Allan Cooke keeping the bikes running

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