Josh Tostado 2nd at WEMBO 24 Hour World Championships

October 05 — 2015 | Weaverville, CA

The Santa Cruz endurance crew were out in force for the 2015 WEMBO 24 Hour Solo World Championships in Weaverville, California, this past weekend. Two-time National 24hr Champ Josh Tostado (USA) was joined by the Brit Invaders Jason Miles (UK) and Rob Friel (UK) to take on the toughest 24-hour racers in the world, on one of the toughest 24-hour race courses the World Championships has ever seen.

As day turned to night and back into day, our Santa Cruz riders occupied three of the top 10 spots, with Josh in finishing 2nd, Jason in 7th, and Rob 8th.

"This was probably the hardest 24 hour race I've ever competed in," says Josh.  "The caliber of the international and American field was something new for me. It definitely helped to have some awesome people in my corner to help me along the way. Huge thanks to Allan Cook and my girlfriend Marlee who stayed up all night giving me the best support ever.  These guys helped keep everything running flawlessly for 262 miles and over 32,000 feet of climbing!"

"Most races you feel on it, or you don't," reflects Rob.  "You end up either having a strict word with yourself for messing up, or can pat yourself on the back for hitting your goal.  I hit my goal of finishing top ten, but am now so tired and sore I can't even reach my back."

"The good folks of Weaverville should all recieve medals for how they supported this World Champs," concluded Jason.  And amen to that. 

Josh Tostado was all business, all the time, surviving only on energy gels and 15 second pit stops.

Jason Miles suffered a flat on the first lap, sending him right to the back of the field, but mentally wrote himself "a stern letter in the night" and hammered his Highball to 7th place.

"At 20 hours the pit kept reminding me I was nearly there, but 4 hours is still a long way to go for someone on their knees!" Rob Friel.

As the sun sets over the horizon, the course quickly becomes a forboding-looking place...

...and before you know it, it's cold and dark and will be for the next 12 hours!

Allan Cooke (our Sports Marketing guy) holds Rob's Tallboy during the witching hour. Allan kept everyone's wheels turning, mentally, physically and literally.

Blinky lights on a starry night.

Josh Tostado flying the flag for America in silver medal position.  Congratulations to Jason English (AUS) for the win, and Mike Mcauley (USA) for third.

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