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Rob Friel Wins Final Round of Scottish XC Series; Heading to 24hr Solo Worlds

Last weekend was the final SXC for the year. They've been my bread and butter for the past 6 years and the courses have ranged from Aberfoyle's ridiculous gradients to Glasgow's high-speed, TV-friendly track. On approach to a rolling farming area around Forfar for Round 6 you might be forgiven for thinking, "what are they thinking?" But don't be fooled, this course packs a punch. A deceptively steep woodland dropping in and out of a quarry and some creative lines cutting and building from the locals led to what many were proclaiming as the course of the season. Having dropped a few XC races this year to go after some big distance events the rapid start had me slobbering like a labrador. Luckily, though, it soon settled down and I'm glad to say I got the win by basically riding a session of 15 hill intervals and trying to keep it fast and smooth through all the natural drops and ramps that the rest of the lap offered. What a brilliant course and race to finish the XC season off. Bravo all involved.

It's now that point of the year when racing settles down. Not this year. I've got my most punishing month ahead now. 24 Hours of Weaverville awaits next weekend, then I have three weeks to recover and try to add the Scottish TTT title to my XC one, before finishing myself off in the British 24-hour mixed pair at the end of the month. It still seems like a long way to go (because it is). After all that I'm going to grow a moustache and concentrate on my Bronson for a bit.

Right, I'm off to Califonia. Shaweet

September 29 — 2015 | News

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