How To Find Your Serial Number

Use the images and instructions below to help you locate the serial number on the frame of your Santa Cruz bike. Please include the entire series of numbers and letters when registering your frame.

Locating Your Serial Number on Your Frame

  • Remove the rear wheel
  • Remove the lower shock bolt
  • Compress the swing arm until you get a clear view of the serial number
  • Remember to list all characters on the front triangle when registering your frame

Your serial number is also located on the box your bike was shipped in and may be located on the receipt provided by the retailer you purchased your bike from.

MY20 carbon frames ship with QR code stickers. You can use the serial number printed directly around the top of the QR code or you can scan it. Notice there are TWO QR code stickers - the one you need to use for frame registration is the one on the front triangle and NOT the one on the rear.

Serial numbers for carbon frames are located above the bottom bracket on the main triangle. 

For our aluminum frames, the serial number will be stamped under the bottom bracket or as seen below on MY20 aluminum frames. 

MY20 aluminum frame

Same applies for hard tails. 

Reserve serial numbers can be found on the rims themselves beneath the tubeless tape or on the wheel builder card that comes with your wheels. Please register each of your Reserve wheels here.