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Bantam V2 MY15


Sharing the same mega-agile geometry as the 5010, the new Bantam punches way above its weight for a trail bike in this category.

125mm of single-pivot suspension and a robust collet pivot axle system create a rock-solid trail tool that's as awesomely simple as it is tough.

27.5" wheels deliver those fabled rolling benefits without comprising maneuverability, leaving the Bantam ready to go the distance if you are.

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Ready to try VPP™? The 5010 has similar geometry.

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Geometry and Sizing

Size Chart

5'0" — 5'5"
5'5" — 5'10"
5'10" — 6'1"
6'1" — 6'6"

Geometry Table

All measurements reflect installation of a fork with a 519mm axle-to-crown height.

Head Tube Angle68°68°68°68°68°68°68°68°
Seat Tube Length414mm16.3"432mm17.01"470mm18.5"508mm20"
BB Height334mm13.15"334mm13.15"334mm13.15"334mm13.15"
Chainstay Length435mm17.13"435mm17.13"435mm17.13"435mm17.13"
Head Tube Length90mm3.54"100mm3.94"110mm4.33"120mm4.72"
Top Tube Length553mm21.77"584mm22.99"610mm24.02"635mm25"
Seat Tube Angle73°73°73°73°73°73°73°73°
Standover Height730mm28.74"735mm28.94"736mm28.98"754mm29.69"

Tech Info

Suspension SystemSingle Pivot
Front DerailleurClamp
Eye to Eye length200mm
BB ShellStandard
Brake TypesDisc
Water Bottle Mounts1x bottle cage mount

Shock Setup

Shock: Fox Float CTD Evolution

Rider WeightAir PressureShock Sag
100lbs (45.5kg)90 psi12-15 mm
120lbs (54.4kg)110 psi12-15 mm
140lbs (63.5kg)130 psi12-15 mm
160lbs (72.6kg)150 psi12-15 mm
180lbs (81.8kg)170 psi12-15 mm
200lbs (90.7kg)190 psi12-15 mm
220lbs (99.8kg)210 psi12-15 mm
240lbs (108.8kg)230 psi12-15 mm
260lbs (117.9kg)255 psi12-15 mm
280lbs (127kg)280 psi12-15 mm
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