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February 14 — 2019 | Santa Cruz, CA

£5 raffle gives you the chance to win this one-off STOKED ON MS Bronson mountain bike which raises money for Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis to help people with MS live long, healthy lives.

Just £5? Let's buy raffle tickets.

Long-time friend of Santa Cruz, mountain bike guide, MS sufferer, Andy McKenna, has been doing the good work to raise awareness of how people with MS can still lead happy, healthy lives. He does this through his organization, STOKED ON MS.

He also produced the award winning film This Way Up, which after doing several laps of the world at raising money from showings at film festivals and events (over £20k to date), has been released for free on YouTube today.

To help keep the fundraising momentum going we produced this one-of-a-kind, unique, custom-painted, fully-specced Santa Cruz Bicycles Bronson bike. Each raffle ticket costs just £5, and there's no limit on how many tickets you can buy. Go straight to the raffle page NOW.


When we asked Andy for inspiration for the design of the bike he said that it had to stand out, look unlike any Santa Cruz Bronson anyone could currently buy, but still look so cool that the winner would still want to ride it.

Andy has an incredible passion for the landscape, trails and atmosphere of the Scottish countryside. For ten years, alongside his wife Aneela, he's been running Go-Where Scotland, a premier guided mountain biking outfit that shows people the trails and terrain around all of Scotland. Andy has explored and archived more singletrack around Scotland than nearly anyone else. But he doesn't just horde these experiences to himself, he genuinely loves taking people into the hills to understand what makes that part of the world so special. Which is why he asked if there was some way of including some reference to the Scottish landscape and trails in the bike's design.

David Smith, one of our graphic designers and the main guy behind the colors of all our bikes for the last few years, loves a good custom bike so he took these ideas as his starting point. Andy went back and forth with him a little and then left David to his coloring crayons, paint cans, and notepad.

The option to go with the design we did was that it's utterly bonkers and stands out from the crowd (which describes Andy perfectly) and yet when you get up close there's a very detailed, considered, intimate side of design, which also sounds a lot like Andy. The topographic design nearly hidden in the red parts of the paint aren't just generic squiggles but was taken from the old Ordinance Survey maps of the Torridon region, a place Andy regards above nearly anywhere on earth. Part of the reason for Andy's love of the area is that he's spent so much time with his wife, Aneela, sleeping in bothies, sleeping in bivouac bags and exploring deep into the area's trails. 
As you'll see in the film This Way Up Andy and Aneela have an incredible love for one another. The film is about Andy's approach to overcoming MS but it's also a love story about his wife and their unique life together. Which is why we launched this campaign on Valentine's Day. Awwwww!

Why Andy is so STOKED ON MS, in his own words?

My name is Andy McKenna and I have multiple sclerosis. I have been living with MS for ten years and I am proof that there's a way of still leading a healthy, productive life. To this day I still operate my mountain bike guiding business Go Where Scotland with my wife Aneela and I try to get outside into the Scottish mountains as often as I can as part of my therapy. 

MS is an 'incurable' degenerative and disabling neurological disease affecting the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves of almost 2.5 million people worldwide. It usually causes attacks of neurologic symptoms including vision loss, paralysis, numbness, bladder problems and walking difficulties. 


Santa Cruz Image
Andy McCandlish

It's still a mystery why it happens but it's caused when the body's own immune system attacks and damages the Myelin, a complex substance that surrounds and insulates nerve fibres, and reduces the ability of the brain and spinal cord to transmit signals. There is no medical cure for MS.

But all is not lost! There's a growing community of MS afflicted who believe there is an alternative way of managing the disabling effects of MS. It is not a pill or an injection - it's a set of lifestyle changes and holistic strategies that have been thoroughly researched, tried, and tested. A set of changes that will help the healing power of the mind and body work together. 

My organization STOKED ON MS is a way of creating dialogue with people about the alternatives. Overcoming MS is a charity established to promote a positive lifestyle programme that aims to help people with MS live long, healthy lives. OMS is committed to improving the lives of people with MS by providing the tools to enable recovery.

Thank you!

Andy McKenna



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