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Alex ‘Krunk Shox’ McGuinnis joined the Santa Cruz family in 2017, quickly establishing himself as a key protagonist amongst his teammates. With a youth spent in Chicago and Vermont, the endless trails and mountain vistas of Winter Park, Colorado is where Alex now calls home.

Alongside his 2019 racing commitments, he will also be looking after teammates Mark Scott and Iago Garay as they hit the Enduro World Series. With duties ranging from road manager, soigneur, dietitian, life coach and spirit guide, Krunk and the SRAM Enduro team are set for one hell of a season.

SANTA CRUZ: How did you get your nickname and what does it mean?

ALEX: Here’s the short version…Krunk Shox is much bigger than me. Established in 2006, the then ‘Team Krunk Shox’ was an amalgamation of real NFG shredders from Colorado. We operated under a shared ethos: shaking shocks on DH bikes was a blast! And, our mission statement was simple: every jump, first run, every time. Fast forward a decade and along comes Instagram. I seized the moment and chose the handle @krunk_shox and owing to Instagram’s omnipotence, the name stuck.

How old are you?

I’ll be 31 in May.

Where are you from and what’s the riding like there?

Born and raised in downtown Chicago. We had some dirt jumps and um, well, a little something called ‘urban assault’.

Where’s home now and what are your local trails like?

Winter Park Colorado. It’s spicy and loose with lots of tight trees! The trails there, which are twice as old as me, run through the valley and up into the mountains.

What are your favorite kinds of trails?

Up and down mountain trails. All day trails. Covering ground trails. Leave from your front door trails and last but not least, ‘trail bike’ trails.

Can you describe your path into the world of mountain bike racing?

It’s a bit of a long trajectory really, packed with various adventures and dirt jumping in Chicago. I raced cross-country through high school - I lived in Vermont at the time - and then later raced downhill in College. After college, just heaps of trail bike racing, which brings us up to now.

Can you describe your racing career so far?

Sixteen years of breaking eggs and I’m still waiting for that omelette.

What results are you most proud of and why?

What results? Success for me, I think, comes in the form of friendship and shared experiences.

Away from racing, what kind of riding do you enjoy the most?

Riding my road bike.

Away from bikes, what do you enjoy doing?

Cooking, the daily New York Times crossword puzzle and grocery shopping. I’m also an avid reader.

When and how did you join Santa Cruz?

I was an uninitiated stage-5 clinger and guilty of loitering at the factory’s back door. But really, I’ve known Allan Cooke (X-Games BMX legend and Santa Cruz’s sports marketing manager) from enduro racing in Oregon. He and I would sit around after the regional enduro races and shoot the shit. All very informal...

What are your goals for 2019 – both as a racer and as a road manager for the SRAM Enduro team?

As the road manager, my number one goal is to show up on time! Sure, there are lots of other highly important tasks to manage along the way, but none of that matters if the boys (Iago Garay and Mark Scott) are late for their start times. As a racer: shake shocks and ride until the wheels fall off!

Filling Allan Cooke’s shoes in the kitchen, what dishes have you got lined up to fuel Mark and Iago?

There’s nay filling Allan’s shoes! That being said, with the help of kitchen mastermind Lentine Alexis, a former professional endurance triathlete and classically trained chef, I think we’ll do just fine!

New year, new challenges for Krunk Shox - what are you excited about and why in 2019?

Definitely the new job! I really like Iago and Mark, we all get along and I enjoy being with them. They’re both really good at what they do and helping them achieve their goals, adds a new perspective to racing and it’s something I’m enthusiastic about taking on. I’m definitely excited to start this new chapter with Santa Cruz!




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