20 Years of the Downieville Classic

August 03 — 2015

Santa Cruz Free Agents, Factory Racers, and Supporters headed up to Downieville in droves over the weekend to take part in the 20th running of the Downieville Classic. The racing started Saturday morning with the Cross-Country portion of the race, a 29 mile course with 4400 feet of climbing, and 5700 feet of descending. Factory Racing instigator and camouflage aficionado Scott Chapin finished 11th on the day in the Pro class, keeping himself in contention for the All-Mountain crown. In the amateur races, Santa Cruz Factory Racing was well-represented, with a half-dozen entrants across nearly every race class. Once the Cross-Country was finished, the racers, spectators, and pretty much the entire town retired to the river to soak, have a few beers, and watch the River Jump, a Downieville institution of the best sort. 

Late night rain on Saturday left the trails dry but not dusty for Sunday morning's Downhill, and Chapin made the most of his run, taking second in the Downhill (and the All-Mountain) to Jason Moeschler, a long-time Downieville podium fixture. Factory Racer Justin Robinson lit up the Men's Expert 34+ field, winning the downhill and securing second place in the All-Mountain. Our staff photographer was on the scene as well, capturing the moments that make Downieville a truly special place. Scroll on for a taste of the Downieville experience! 

The Downieville Cross-Country starts with an 8-mile, 3000-foot climb up the face of the Sierra Buttes

Scott Chapin hiding in plain sight


A little piece of Provence, Downieville-style. 


Chris Seymour, likely questioning a series of decisions


Nathan Riddle waiting for his hands to come back to life


Those not racing took a break from watching the race to watch another race in Mont-Sainte-Anne


A custom 20th Anniversary Santa Cruz bench was auctioned off to benefit the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship


Marshall Eames, aka "Enduro Jesus," tries to keep his shorts up


The Pro All-Mountain podium

Santa Cruz Factory Racer Justin Robinson atop the Expert 34+ Downhill podium


The real Happiest Place on Earth

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