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Itinerology: The Thread of Time

January 07 — 2019 | Santa Cruz, CA

Leading into 2018, organizer Ash Smith hit the brakes on the Trans-Provence to protect its future. Rather than run the same race year after year, his vision was to pull out a few old maps and re-think this week-long adventure from the High Alps to the Mediterranean so it could return in anew. The Trans-Provence is back for its final go in 2019, and you better believe this one will end on a special note.

Organizing an event of this caliber is no small feat. The race stems from a deep passion for riding, exploring, and appreciating what once was and now could be the future of our sport and community. 

In the Itinerology series, Trans-Provence mastermind Ash Smith sheds light on the logistics and efforts that drive him to create this special event for people to experience and race. 


Santa Cruz's own Seb Kemp narrated this installment of the video series, and it follows Seb and Ash Smith on a journey to revive a trail that was lost over time. Once a village highway of necessity, the path has since been reincarnated into a shredder's delight. Trail stewardship at its finest.


Past Videos

Itinerology : The Elevator from Sam Needham on Vimeo.

Itinerology : The Workspace from Sam Needham on Vimeo.

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