World Cup 2017 - The Syndicate Celebrates at Lenzerheide

July 10 — 2017 | Lenzerheide, Switzerland

Ultra-tight, fight-to-the-finish racing faced the Syndicate in Lenzerheide on Saturday afternoon and to the tune of a roaring, race-frenzied crowd, Luca Shaw rode into the hot seat, eventually getting bumped to 6th, just two-tenths off the podium, while Mr. Min himself would claim his 21st World Cup victory, his 75th World Cup podium, and solidify his top spot in the overall. The race was completely unaffected by weather, perhaps for the first time this season, and the three-minute track was a mix of high-consequence moves, brutal rock gardens, and flat-out motorway sections. Greg qualified 3rd, Loris 5th, and Luca deep in the fifties after a mechanical in the top part of the track. On race day, however, Luca and Loris' fortunes would swap, with Loris washing out in the very first turn. Luca put a scorcher together, and the lights were green as he crossed the line. When the dust from the remaining top-20 riders settled, Luca would sit in sixth, just two-tenths of a second off the podium. Loris salvaged 27th, which was enough to maintain his fourth place in the overall. 

Minnaar screamed down the mountain, putting 1.5 seconds into Danny Hart's time. As Greg sat nervously in the hot seat, Troy Brosnan was right on pace the whole way down, and crossed the line two-tenths back on Greg. Top qualifier, Aaron Gwin, would go very last, and looked to be set for the win when an unfortunate meeting with a sharp rock led to a flat. Greg's win put the Syndicate at the top of the team standings and gave Greg his 21st trip to the top step. Congratulations, Greg! Next stop is Mont-Sainte-Anne in Canada at the beginning of August. 

Did Minnaar's XXL stretch across the finish line make the 0.2-second difference?

Loris up and on pace after a first-corner washout

Everything came together for Luca Shaw, and he finished 6th, just two-tenths off the podium

21 World Cup wins, 21 World Cup win parties

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