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Five years ago, a little Santa Cruz video on a bike web site debunked every skeptic's fear about the long-term durability of carbon fiber bicycle frames. Now we are doing the same for wheels. Santa Cruz Reserve wheels are built on the highest quality carbon rims on the market. Our confidence in the design and strength of our wheels is backed up by a lifetime warranty, just like our frames.

Danny MacAskill Testing the Reserve Wheels in Glasgow

Strongest Wheels on the Market

Whether it's a sunset lap with friends or a race run against the clock, a broken wheel ruins any ride. We set strength and impact resistance as our highest priority, but strength doesn't have to mean uncomfortably stiff. Our wheels are compliant enough to avoid that harsh "wooden" ride that gives some carbon rims a bad name offroad. We only make offroad bikes at Santa Cruz, so we have the privilege of being able to focus purely on the mountain bike experience. Everything from the thickness of rim beads to external spoke hole reinforcements comes purely from our experience of knowing what riders need at every level—from international racing to your local trails.

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Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime. No gimmicks. Not limited. If you do actually manage to break our rim while out riding, we'll replace it for free. And probably high five you in the process! If it gets run over by a truck we'll help you out with a low cost accidental 'crash replacement', because life's too short to argue. We know riding time's too precious to keep you waiting, so we'll do our best to sort you out fast.

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Built in Santa Cruz Using Sensible Parts

We never want to miss a ride, and when you travel to remote places, it's impossible to bring a backup for everything, or all the special tools for all the different parts. We've always taken great pains to use readily-available, standard parts on our bikes, and our rims are no different. J-bend spokes, mechanical-lock nipples (that you can access without taking the tire and rim strip off), and hubs from DT Swiss and Industry Nine make building good wheels easier for us, and maintaining the wheels or finding spares a lot easier for you.

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Now Available Aftermarket from Santa Cruz Retailers

You can now order Reserve wheels for any bike in your garage. With options spanning two wheel sizes, three rim widths, and two hub choices, a set of Reserves will match any modern mountain bike perfectly.

Specifications and Pricing

High Quality Components High Quality Components
27.5 Inch Rims Reserve 27 Reserve 30  
Wheel Size 27.5 inches 27.5 inches  
Internal Width 27mm 30mm  
External Width 33.5mm 37.4mm  
Single Rim Weight 435g 470g  
Complete Set Weights (Complete set weight includes rim tape and valves)
With DT350 Boost Hubs 1677g 1751g  
With I9 Boost Hubs 1657g 1731g  
High Quality Components High Quality Components High Quality Components
29 Inch Rims Reserve 25 Reserve 27 Reserve 30
Wheel Size 29 inches 29 inches 29 inches
Internal Width 25mm 27mm 30mm
External Width 30.6mm 34.0mm 36.4mm
Single Rim Weight 390g 455g 490g
Complete Set Weights (Complete set weight includes rim tape and valves)
With DT350 Boost Hubs 1607g 1755g 1831g
With I9 Boost Hubs 1587g 1735g 1811g

Wheelsets are priced at $2848 AUD with DT350 Hubs and $3298 AUD with black I9 Torch hubs and carry the same lifetime warranty as our frames, and every one is built at our factory in California. When you purchase a set of Reserves, make sure to save the builder card—not only do you get to see who built your wheels, but the serial numbers are recorded there to make it easy to register your new wheels.

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