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Bikes as a Force for Good

New trails don’t just pop up overnight, it takes a village and the voices of many to spread the word and move the dirt. We’re proud to support and partner up with organizations that push to make mountain biking a little more rad for everyone every single day.

Santa Cruz Bicycles
Santa Cruz Bicycles

Homegrown Projects

These are the projects that spring up when members of our community have a moment of need and we know we can pitch in the resources to make things better for those involved.

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Slow and Steady

Our bike builders, techs, employees, and athletes are making moves behind the scenes every single day. Tossing dirt, donating race winnings, and writing letters might not make headlines but this stuff does add up and it definitely makes a difference.

  • Trail dig days in Santa Cruz, Downieville, and Oregon

  • Employee bike-to-work program

  • Matching the charitable donations of our athletes and employees

  • Treating dedicated trailbuilders to custom tools

  • Letter writing and commenting campaigns to local government