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2018 World Cup DH


World Cup 2018 - Lošinj, Croatia

April 21 — 2018 | Lošinj, Croatia

It feels good to go fast again.

Fresh off early-season training at an undisclosed location (that you might recognize), Greg, Luca, Loris, and team mechanics Doug Hatfield, Jason Marsh, and PA set their sights on the coastal city of Lošinj, Croatia for the opening round of 2018's World Cup DH season.

As the pits went up, track walks went down, and practice started rolling, it didn't take long for momentum-crushing rocks, ball-bearing dirt, and a few unfortunate pre-race crashes to set the tone: this track was one to contend with.

The short, physical track demanded eveything from start to finish—a super-tight city section was preceded by full-gas forest sections and make or break gaps, and if you blew a line... plow and pray. Undeterred and no doubt fueled by the pep talk from the night before, Luca worked out the critical lines and rolled to 6th in qualis. Greg would go 13th, and a particularly sharp rock opened Loris' tire early in his run, but his 5th place overall ranking from 2017 protected his race.

Race day was a different story. With conditions unchanged from the day before and new (for this season) seeding in place, Loris, Greg, and Luca would roll out of the start much close to the back of the pack.

Ultimately, the order didn't matter much—smooth, powerful riding and serious power at the finish would earn Luca his best World Cup finish to date, Loris would hit the hot seat for a minute and ultimately land in 8th, and Greg would be the one with a mechanical on the day but still finish in the top 15.

Final Results  
Luca Shaw - 2ndLoris Vergier - 8thGreg Minnaar - 13th

The Syndicate V10 is on the march again for 2018.

Marshy working out that go-fast formula. It's a little to the left.

Reserve Carbon DH rims in the Syndicate pits. Wait, what?

Not only is Peaty still in the mix on World Cup weekends, he directs course traffic too.

You gotta leave some rubber behind to scrub like this in Losinj.

5th in qualis. 2nd in finals. Best World Cup finish to date for Luca.

Sharp rocks took the edge off Greg's finals run early, but that didn't stop him from powering his way into the top 15.

After a strong finish to the 2017 season, Loris came into Losinj fit, fast, and ready.

Loris finding the limits of traction on the drag race to the finish.

"Yes, hello. Can anyone confirm they're serving Grand Slam breakfasts down there?!"

When the dust settled, only seven-tenths would separate Luca from the top step of the podium.

Luca doesn't have the champagne-opening technique dialed yet, but he's got a month before Ft. William...

What does the #1 team do after the race? Team swim. See you at the Fort >

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