Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Seeks Senior Engineer

Could this be your golden ticket?

Every once in a while, the gates to the Santa Cruz factory are opened and one lucky individual gets a golden ticket to join the Design & Engineering Department.  

Nobody ever really knows what awaits them on the other side.

Will you be briefed to design the next generation of Stupid Bikes?

Will you be asked to stake your reputation (and health?) on dissecting your creations in front of the camera?

Or will you simply be charged with helping us keep making the most ass-kicking mountain bikes in history…

If you’re ready to put your mettle to the pedals, check the full job description here to see if you fulfill the necessary criteria.  If so, then please send your resume, cover letter and portfolio to  It could be your destiny….

November 26 — 2013 | Santa Cruz, California | News