Santa Cruz Bicycles

Steve Peat

Sheffield, England

Height: 6'3"/191cm
Date of Birth: 17th June 1974

Steve started riding bikes from the age of 3 years old, chasing his two older brothers around the streets of Sheffield on a BMX.  

He progressed to mountain bike racing as soon as he left school at aged 19. His early idols were guys like Jason McRoy (the first UK guy to race on a big US MTB team) and John Tomac, who Steve says always looked wicked in pictures and he regarded as an awesome all round rider.

Motocross legend Jeremy McGrath later influenced him in other ways. including showing him how a true pro could dominate a sport while still being a really nice guy.

Steve's personal sponsors include Royal Racing, Lizard Skinz, 7 Protective, Monster Energy Drink.